Aubaine, Selfridges London 🍴

If you're sold on decor almost as much as the menu like me, you'll love Aubaine's flower adorned eatery inside Selfridges, Oxford Street in London. I discovered this place after reading this post by the Cherry Blossom Girl, having no clue that it even existed inside of the huge shopping attraction and even less aware of it's other restaurants and cafe's dotted around London. 

If I'm honest I didn't know what to expect of the food, other than knowing that they have a brunch menu and being in desperate need of one after arriving in London on a Saturday morning just off the coach. It's safe to say their kale was the best I've had and their freshly pressed orange juice did a good job of reviving me! 


Of course, the reason why I share this lovely place with you is because it has flowers at every turn, whether in pots and vases next to your table or along the ceiling dangling above your head. If you do try this lovely place, be sure to ask for a table in the corner if one is free so you can sit amongst the beautiful lilac Wisteria pictured: