Floral spots in - London (with maps) πŸ“

Luxury and London seem to go hand in hand, meaning you can find an abundance of places either lavishly decorated with flowers or some of the best florists in the country. It seems such a simple yet effective way of adding some natural beauty to the streets, but London is a big place - so here are my picks (and my pics) of some lovely floral spots around London - see them whilst you can as most tend to sadly disappear in the winter months!

Peggy Porschen cakes - near the Victoria coach station

If you're getting off the coach nearby treat yo'self to a cloud printed cake (like I did after my 3 hour trip to visit a friend here) and make the most of their lovely Spring/Summer themed flower installation at the entrance - don't feel too shy about taking a photo either, there were plenty of people staging mini photo shoots outside so feel free to join!


Wild at Heart florists

There are a few Wild at Heart flower shops around the city, however my favourite it their small store near Kensington with their blue tiled wall and buckets of flowers outside - their eye catching neon light also makes it unique.


Aubaine Restaurant, Selfridges

There are several Aubaine cafe's and restaurants in London, but this one is perfect for some breakfast (or lunch/dinner) to give you some energy for exploring the shop floors of Selfridges. Sit amongst the Wisteria with a fresh orange juice and toast - 


Soho Boutique entrances

There are lots of floral displays in the Spring/Summer months down Soho's streets and shop entrances, like this one we saw in Charlotte Olympia's shoe shop entrance.


Columbia Road Flower Market

If you're in London on a Sunday, make sure you visit this flower market as it's the only day it's open - choose from a huge array of plants and bouquets before your Sunday roast.